Manifesto On Manual Impairment
© 1982, 2010 Emanual Goldstein
      Motiveless violent crime as we have come to know it always has been a direct measure of the epidemic of MANUAL IMPAIRMENT that is the hallmark of our nuclear- video age; this culture of automatic intercontinental ballistic overkill and of manual labor who live on the other side of the tracks.

     Any mind full of disbelief can act-out psychosomatic emotion and cold-blooded street crime.  Nowadays there is such rampant failure among people to feel and to exercise the power of our manual heritage that "ugly scars" is the only expressive medium that remains for countless hands unaccustomed to handling beauty and wealth, but who yearn for action.

Kill Your TV

      No wonder.  The innate humanity of kids and kin at home around a campfire...eating, talking, gazing and keeping time together...has been co-opted by color television and remote control.  People sit alone to watch alone.  Moreover, the video-fingertip conspiracy robs us of hand-eye pleasure and thus dampens the faith within us that we can actually handle life.

     People fidget with their hands and with whatever they get their hands on.  This manual craving more or less defines our unique human biology and culture.  Three so-called psychological concepts previously served to delineate men's mental/tactile connections:  ORAL ANAL GENITAL.  Assume we suck our fingers.  Are we fidgeting with our mouth or with our hands?  Exactly which is the tactile need we gratify?

Oral?  Anal?  Genital? or .... Manual?

     A score of human generations have endured the mechanical economics of "time is money," suffering progressive alienation of heart and hand.  (I was so busy earning a living I didn't have time to live)  In addition, the elitist bias that preaches the supremacy of MIND over MANUAL serves to further splinter men and men's hands.

     As the industrialization of the work-place continued, people more often tended machines than handled the actual products of commerce.  Social disintegration, depressive personal isolation and malicious chaos are reactions to the toxic divorce of thumbs and thought.
     Even now...they've taken the hands  Look ma! No Hands. off clocks.

     For twenty-five years television in the home has accelerated the incidence of MANUAL IMPAIRMENT.  TV effortlessly shattered the traditional figital palette, first by conjuring the campfire, but ultimately by reducing the hands at home to compulsive snack shovels.  And as TV itself becomes automatic our hands less and less touch, or control the receiver.

      The most destructive aspect of television is its absolute failure to provide any outlet for inevitable manual fidgets. Moreover, TV sabotages the tactile art of listening.  As our eyes and bodies rivet the glowing screen our minds block other sensory input as we struggle to make sense out of the single, jam-packed octave that retinas perceive of light.  Gone from our homes are moving eye-to-eye contacts among people.  Body language, gone.  And there is no conversation without free and expressive motion.

     Capable of hearing an octave of useful octaves, our ears find TV mono- chromatic, lo-fi, sound-mix, vacant of spatial information and always louder during the commercials.  (Ad men know how to get a message across, even around the corner to the kitchen with you.)

     Any nullification of manual pride impedes realistic self-confidence.  Manual impairment presents socially as a harmful and habitual fidget.  The historic censorship of manual figital expression at work and in the home is the primary imbalance that has led us into the epidemic of frustration-related illness, crime and social apathy we experience these days.

"Give somebody a hand, not the finger."

Emanual Goldstein
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